Bioinformatics resources provided by Michael Steinbaugh.


RNA sequencing

R package for bcbio RNA-seq analysis.
Toolkit for performing differential expression with DESeq2.
Parameterized fast gene set enrichment analysis.

Single-cell RNA sequencing

R package for bcbio single-cell RNA-seq analysis.
Toolkit for 10X Genomics single-cell RNA-seq data.
R package for for single-cell RNA-seq clustering analysis.

Functional genomics

Automated scoring for a C. elegans genome-wide RNAi screen.
C. elegans genome annotations from WormBase.

Package development

Base functions for bioinformatics and R package development.
Trusty sidekick for R package development.
Assertive check functions for defensive R programming.

Shell configuration

My dot files shared between machines.
Shell bootloader for bioinformatics.


Install macOS
. How to make that Mac feel new again.
Install Ubuntu
. Ubuntu Linux is a great programming environment but it’s more difficult to initially set up than macOS or Windows.
Visual Studio Code quick reference
. Cheatsheet for Microsoft’s cross-platform code editor based on Electron.
Spacemacs quick reference
. Reference commands for the spacemacs text editor.
Vim quick reference
. Reference commands for the vim text editor.
Install conda
. Quick installation guide for conda, along with tips for managing environments.
Detect the Illumina sequencer model
. Extract the Illumina sequencer instrument information from a FASTQ file.
Cache R package library on Travis CI
. How to cache an R/Bioconductor package with multiple dependencies.
Tmux quick reference
. Reference commands for the tmux terminal multiplexer.
Install a Raspberry Pi device
. How to get a Pi up and running in less than 15 minutes.
Git quick reference
. Reference commands for the git version-control system.
Install bcbio
. bcbio is a python toolkit providing current best practice pipelines for next-generation sequencing data analysis.
Make a private fork of a public git repository
. GitHub currently only allows the creation of public forks. However, it is possible to sync code between a public repository and a private mirror.
Install RDAVIDWebService
. An R Package for retrieving data from DAVID into R objects using Web Services API.
Automounts on macOS with NFS
. The best method to automatically connect your Mac to network storage.
C. elegans resources
. Links to worm tools around the web.
Programming style rules
. Clean code, happy life.