Bioinformatics resources provided by Michael Steinbaugh.


Base functions for bioinformatics and R package development.
Trusty sidekick for R package development.
High-performance computing scripts for bioinformatics.

Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core

Validated, scalable, community developed variant calling, RNA-seq and small RNA analysis.
Base functions and generics for bcbio R packages.
Quality control and differential expression for bcbio RNA-seq experiments.
Import and analyze bcbio single-cell RNA-seq data.

C. elegans genetics

C. elegans genome annotations from WormBase.
Automated scoring for a C. elegans genome-wide RNAi screen.


Install R on an HPC cluster using bioconda

Maintain a consistent R environment across HPC environments with conda.

Interactive R on an HPC cluster

How to run R in an interactive session.

Clean install macOS

How to make that Mac feel new again.

Install RDAVIDWebService

An R Package for retrieving data from DAVID into R objects using Web Services API.

Automounts on macOS with NFS

The best method to automatically connect your Mac to network storage.

Programming style rules

Clean code, happy life.

C. elegans resources

Links to worm tools around the web.

Clean install Ubuntu

Ubuntu Linux is a great programming environment but it’s more difficult to initially set up than macOS or Windows.

Clean install a Raspberry Pi device

How to get a Pi up and running in less than 15 minutes.